The Pembroke Post Office will be celebrating their 175th Anniversary on November 20, 2015.   This is the date that the Post Office Department first recognized Pembroke as a Community by appointing a Postmaster and authorizing a Post Office in the yet to be formed town.

The Post Office is not allowed to host an event that will require us to collect money or donations.

We are asking that the whole town help us celebrate this year through several events located in the Pembroke area to showcase what our town has to offer.  Some of the events that we have asked for is for a Tournament or Golfing at Castle Rock, a 5K Run(to be hosted by Boy Scout Troop 460) to kick off the Pembroke Heritage Festival and a dance at the Pembroke Fire Recreation Center.  Any person or organization that would want to organize these events can keep any proceeds that come from it.  We have also asked for a banner to be erected to make everyone aware of this milestone.  If anyone wants to host an event in commemoration of this Anniversary – please let us know.  The Post Office is planning a party on Friday, November 20 at 1 pm.   We are inviting a few VIPs and encouraging all former Pembroke Post Office employees to attend.  We also want the entire town to come out to help us celebrate with our 175” cake!  We also need a few volunteers to help us assemble the cake and other refreshments.  Contact Elaine Cook at 540-626-7211.

Date Established Post Office State County ZIP Code Date Discontinued


Postmasters by City

Name Title Date Appointed
John Lybrook Postmaster 11/20/1840
George R. Lybrook Postmaster 04/28/1845
William S. Lybrook Postmaster 10/27/1848
Samuel E. Lybrook Postmaster 05/10/1853
Erasmus Hopkins Postmaster 03/16/1859
Mrs. Catharine A. Cook Postmaster 02/08/1866
  1. D. Peck
Postmaster 04/16/1879
Harvey W. Snidow Postmaster 04/26/1881
Nathan Worley Postmaster 01/09/1883
Harvey W. Snidow Postmaster 02/15/1886
John W. Worley Postmaster 05/14/1897
John F. Williams Postmaster 07/27/1899
Wirt B. Snidow Postmaster 04/04/1914
John J. Snidow Postmaster 11/18/1915
Brackett H. Snidow Postmaster 06/14/1919
Raymond D. Williams Postmaster 03/27/1922
John L. Sibold Postmaster 06/18/1934
Mrs. Virginia S. Lucas Acting Postmaster 01/10/1939
Mrs. Virginia S. Lucas Postmaster 08/04/1939
Paschal M. Johnson Acting Postmaster 05/31/1948
Paschal M. Johnson Postmaster 08/11/1949
Reuben N. Falls Acting Postmaster 05/31/1958
Reuben N. Falls Postmaster 07/24/1961
Glenn J. Riddle Officer-In-Charge 02/03/1984
Daniel P. Ogle Postmaster 03/17/1984
  1. Carol Conner
Officer-In-Charge 12/29/1989
Connie L. Nipper Postmaster 03/10/1990
James Conner Officer-In-Charge 10/24/1996
Chester O. Gregory Postmaster 04/26/1997
Charlotte Shrader Officer-In-Charge 11/19/1998
Ruth Elaine Cook Postmaster 04/10/1999



Postmaster Elaine Cook *540-626-7211*APO Pembroke*RMPO Ripplemead