Giles County Public Service Authority

Serving Giles County Citizens since 1992

6405 Virginia Avenue
PO Box 510
Pembroke, VA 24136

The Giles County Public Service Authority (PSA) is a separate governmental entity from the County of Giles and is not funded by tax dollars.  The Giles County Board of Supervisors passed a solid waste ordinance in 1992 that states that every residence in Giles County will pay a solid waste bill.  The PSA acts as an administrator/contractor for the County and their ordinance.  The PSA has over 6,500 solid waste customers, but only has 6 water customers.  The normal office hours for the PSA are 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday through Friday.

Solid Waste Department

Office – (540) 626-7046 & (540) 921-2499

Office Fax – (540) 626-5518

Holiday Information

Residential service will always be on Wednesday for all holidays.  Regardless of when the holiday falls, on a Monday, Tuesday,  Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, your trash will be picked up on Wednesday of the week of the holiday.

Convenience Center

The PSA operates a Convenience center located at 6405 Virginia Avenue.  At the Convenience center we take appliances, used motor oil, antifreeze, metal, and furniture at no cost.  We also take the following items, but the respective charges apply.

Brush -$1.00 per 100 pounds

Construction  / Remodeling Debris – $3.25 per 100 pounds

Tires – (up to 19″) $1.00 per tire

(19″ up to 24.50″) $2.50 per tire

Tractor tires $30.00 per tires

We do not accept off-road tires 

The Convenience Center hours of operation are as follows:  Monday – Friday 7:00 am until 5:00 pm.  On Saturdays it is open from 7:00 until Noon.  The Convenience Center is closed on Sunday.

The PSA also has dumpster sites located through out the County.  The most convenient to the Pembroke area are located into the Newport area on Winding Way Road, Klotz Road, and behind our office.  These dumpsters are for household trash only.  It is illegal to dump construction material, furniture, appliances, tires, or any item that is not normal house hold trash at the dumpster sites.  It is also illegal to dump any items on the ground around any dumpster.

Recycling is part of our solid waste operations.  We currently recycle newspapers, cardboard, and  co-mingled plastic, glass, and metal cans.  We also recycle metals, used motor oil, and antifreeze.  Please call our office with recycling questions.

Roll-Off Services are also provided by the PSA for large construction or clean up projects.  Please call our office for questions and rates regarding this service.

Water Department

Water Plant – (540) 921-3756        Fax – (540) 921-4290

Giles County Public Service Authority wholesales water to all five incorporated Towns and to the County Residents who are hooked to the County’s system.  This is a regionalized system, linking all the Towns and the County’s systems.  Each of the Towns and the County retail water to their respective customers.  Currently all of the water comes from wells.   The PSA’s primary source is connected to a membrane filtration plant, which was built in the fall of 1999.