History of Pembroke Area Schools

Pembroke has had several different schools. The first one was used until 1855. In 1875 Pembroke had a one-room school, a rather long dilapidated frame structure which served for two teachers, one in either end.

In 1905 the Pembroke school was moved to a building which had two separated rooms. The building was raised to a two story structure about 1910 and was made a four room school known as Pembroke Grade School.

In 1916 a concrete building with six class rooms and an auditorium was constructed at a cost of $7,980.  In 1925 a large brick building was constructed a cost of $40,000.  It contained a large auditorium, 13 class rooms, a library and an office room.  A great portion of its 14.0 acres is located approximately one mile away form the building on what is better known as the Pembroke Park or Ball Field.  In 1954 a cafeteria was added, and at about the same time tow rooms of the cinderblock construction were built ( not connected to the other building) “to use for 5 years”.  Because of the addition of kindergarten, it was necessary to add tow relocated classroom units in 1970 and another in 1975.  These three units had a kindergarten capacity of 60 children.  This made the total capacity of Pembroke Elementary School 510 students.  Pembroke Elementary School was closed at the end of the 1981-82 school year.

Pembroke Schools Today

The Pembroke area is served by both public and private school systems. Giles County Public Schools operates the public school system in Giles County.

Eastern Elementary / Middle School is a Giles County Public School for children K-12.

Giles High School is a Giles County Public School located in Pearisburg for children grades 8-12.

Jefferson Christian Academy a private non-denominational school operated by Riverview Baptist Church.   It is not affiliated with Giles County Public Schools.

There are several colleges that are located near Pembroke which offer everything from the occasional course to help one progress within his or her profession to associates, bachelor, masters, and doctoral degrees.

Elementary/Middle SchoolEastern Elementary/Middle School
 Head Start (New River Comm. Action)
 Jefferson Christian Academy (Private)
High SchoolGiles High School
 Giles Technology Center
CollegesVirginia Tech
 Radford University
 New River Community College
 Bluefield College
 Bluefield State University
 Concord College